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Restaurant + Lounge | 2,915 SQFT

Austin, TX

Housed on the first floor of the refurbished Miller Blueprint building, in the hustle of downtown Austin, TenTen is a high-energy urban design adorned with natural materials, custom fixtures, cozy booths and intimate lighting - resulting in a moody, yet vibrant setting. Luxury and simplicity are delicately balanced, creating an understated, yet stimulating, energy.

Using principles of imperfection, nature is honored throughout the space by layering rugged and rustic elements. Setting a tone of calm and stability in the dining room is the pronounced wall formed of rough stone slabs and colorful live moss. Strategic use of lighting with incredible variety of easily changed colors, the wall transforms into an amazing canvas for a gallery of changing scenes, providing a unique focal point.

Real copper is incorporated into artful walls and hand-painted to develop an authentic patina. It’s beautiful design moments like these, highlighted in a way that makes the entire effect feel uncontrived — that reinforces the restaurant’s peacefully luxurious vibe. 


Organic design, warming color palettes and fresh ambiance are the backdrop for modern Japanese fare and craft libations served with unparalleled hospitality. 

Photography by James Johnson

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