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Behind the scenes is a steady workflow making design concepts and dreams become reality. A smooth delivery demands a substantial amount of background work, our team is fully engaged in the procurement of each project. Clear communication and organization are key during this implementation process!


The procurement process includes the strategic vetting and fastidious selection of trade partners, establishing payment terms, the negotiation of contracts and the actual purchasing of goods. Additionally, we facilitate dedicated communication necessary with manufacturers from order placement to production, and finally shipping. The process continues as we work alongside the receiving warehouse where items land just before their final destination, at your project site! Weekly check-ins occur to ensure all products arrive in the highest of quality, in the correct format, color, finish, shape, size, etc.

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  • Purchasing

  • Warehouse Logistics & Delivery

  • Residential/Commercial FF&E Procurement Solutions

  • Full-Service FF&E Procurement Management

  • Effectively and Accurately Communicate Specifications Current Records of Fabric Samples + Drawing Approvals

  • ​Ongoing Communication Between Vendors, Builders, General Contractors

  • Detailed Procurement Plans Based on Lead Times, Building Schedules and Projects' Needs

  • Biweekly Updates to Clients with Project Status Reports

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