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Nightclub + Terrace  |  9,800 SQFT

Austin, TX


Mayfair, where modern luxury meets Victorian-inspired opulence. Just like its namesake, Mayfair aims to transport guests into a world of frills, blending prim interior design with contemporary nightlife experiences.

DJ booth VIP sections with cavalier views and two private rooms tucked away, an elegant chandelier + lighting system and main level VIP booths to choose from, to see and ‘be seen’… Mayfair embodies the essence of exclusivity, providing a haven for those seeking an unforgettable night out in the heart of Austin.

With its unique blend of modernity and old-world charm, the design enchants all who enter its doors. The long linear bars are flanked by bookend booths with private dance platforms and diamond tufted upholstered walls. The electric atmosphere has a vibrant mix of music, stimulated by exciting lighting theatrics.


Every detail was meticulously curated, from the stunning chevron flooring, antique mirror herringbone backsplash, to the deeply saturated plush velvet drapes adorning the walls. Admire the ornate chandeliers and intricate woodwork, highly textural stone surfaces, and winding booths decorated with metallic infused fabrics, to sparkle under the disco lights. 


Step out to this oasis atop the bustling city, where the terrace offers an extraordinary escape for those seeking a breath of fresh air. Spanning 3,000 sq. ft., this enchanting space boasts panoramic downtown views that dazzle by day and mesmerize by night.


Photography by Kieran Reeves Photography

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