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Lounge + Terrace | 2,798 SQFT

Austin, TX

A mischievous lounge with modern mediterranean cuisine, this jewel-toned basement getaway is an escape from the hustle of San Antonio Street. With its innovative, cozy yet ornate furniture and eclectic vibe, the space is a downtown, art-filled, underground hideaway with nods to Old World flavors. 

Descending down into the underworld of Devil May Care, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Glowing backlit and textured walls romanticize the mood. Soft light and pulsing rhythms reverberate through the room, enrapture every sense.

The beat from the DJ booth and flashing ceiling lights move through the space, effortless. Nameless. Faceless. Timeless.


Here there is one rule, enigmatic at best, bewildering at worst. Something in the air. Soak in the ornate yet relaxed atmosphere, bask in the modern lounge. Relinquish yourself.

Photography by James Johnson

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