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Podcast + Filming Studio | 1,364 SF

Austin, TX


Invisible to the hustle-and-bustle of downtown Austin, TX, this grounding studio space was designed to house and inspire authentic conversations where sharing messages of expansion and motivation are bountiful. The atmosphere exudes a moody sophistication with worn brass elements, an abundance of earth tones, and hand-crafted custom designed furniture juxtaposed against mesmerizing and meaningful artwork.

This stunning studio space was created for the spirit and senses; intentional moments live throughout for play, lounging, and production. The 22-foot bespoke shuffleboard allows for competition and entertainment while the expanse sectional is covered in luxe textiles that provide comfort and restful experiences. Unique wood surfaces, rich leather textures, and brushed metallic accents are situated against a backdrop of unique crystals, assorted greenery, and acoustic paneled frames.


Nature meets nurture where highly textured surfaces intersect with a vibrant color palette, rich walnut woods, and plant life aplenty. Warmth, beauty, and nature are the central players teaming up to provide both a stimulating and peaceful environment that boasts genuine affections.

Photography by Kieran Reeves

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