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6 Bed | 5 Baths | 6,234 SQFT

Las Vegas, NV

Deposited in the stoney hills of Las Vegas, the spectacular views from this two-story, 6-bedroom residence set the backdrop for this peaceful retreat. A complete furnishing of the interior space allowed the design team to implement a multitude of creative décor choices in each zone. Deep, organic colors in upholstery and décor selections, as well as rich textures in rugs, furniture pieces and building materials are present throughout. These components create a unique yet unified design from one end to the other.

At the heart of the home is a gathering space with high ceilings and two seating areas flanked by high bookcases. A natural flow leads into the expansive entertaining kitchen and dining room- equipped with bar cart and custom neon sign, "Shaken Not Stirred." Mixed metals, worn leather, fine textures and the addition of artisanal elements create a hangout spot of high-end luxury.

Custom art pieces, touches of greenery, a mix of curated accessories, and even a bespoke upholstered blue wave headboard extending across an entire wall in a guest bedroom proves that each space has a distinct personality.

Photography by Emily Wilson

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