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Restaurant | 4,180 SQFT

Austin, TX


Rituals designed this flagship location which sits in the heart of the 2nd Street District of Austin, Texas, known for its mix of local retail, dining, living, and entertainment. Since its opening in early 2021, two other venues have popped up in the city with designs emulating the original. 

Mother Nature was the true source of this beautiful space. Taking all inspiration from the brand's beliefs, principles, and purpose was important to our team as we developed the design. The menu is completely free of gluten, dairy, seed oils, soy, refined sugar, and GMOs and focuses on local, organic & sustainable food. Our goal was to create a space that reflected the natural elements of the food prepared at The Well. A variety of wood tones and textures, woven materials, natural stones, dried florals, and greenery arrangements can be found all around. Together with the palette of soft pinks, creams, greys, and greens, these elements create a harmony and balance that reflects the brand's true mission of "Eat well, live well." 


The space is divided into multiple zones, offering both indoor and outdoor dining, both casual and more formal. Moving through the spaces will give a sense of connection and restoration as each area has its own unique features that bring forth natural elements to enhance your experience on the way to a healthier you. 

Photography by Kieran Reeves Photography

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